Class FederatedCost

  • public class FederatedCost
    extends Object
    Class storing execution cost estimates for federated executions with cost estimates split into different categories such as compute, read, and transfer cost.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FederatedCost

        public FederatedCost()
      • FederatedCost

        public FederatedCost​(double readCost,
                             double inputTransferCost,
                             double outputTransferCost,
                             double computeCost,
                             double inputTotalCost,
                             double repetitions)
    • Method Detail

      • getTotal

        public double getTotal()
        Get the total sum of costs stored in this object.
        total cost
      • getInputTotalCost

        public double getInputTotalCost()
        Get summed input costs.
        summed input costs
      • setInputTotalCost

        public void setInputTotalCost​(double inputTotalCost)
      • addInputTotalCost

        public void addInputTotalCost​(double additionalCost)
        Add cost to the stored input cost.
        additionalCost - to add to total input cost
      • addInputTotalCost

        public void addInputTotalCost​(FederatedCost federatedCost)
        Add total of federatedCost to stored inputTotalCost.
        federatedCost - input cost from which the total is retrieved