Class LocalTaskQueue<T>

  • public class LocalTaskQueue<T>
    extends Object
    This class provides a way of dynamic task distribution to multiple workers in local multi-threaded environments. Its main purpose is inter-thread communication for achieving dynamic load balancing. A good load balance between parallel workers is crucial with regard to the overall speedup of parallelization (see Amdahl's law). From a technical perspective, a thread monitor concept is used for blocking of waiting writers and readers. Synchronized writes and reads ensure that each task is only read by exactly one reader. Furthermore, the queue is implemented as a simple FIFO.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LocalTaskQueue

        public LocalTaskQueue()
    • Method Detail

      • enqueueTask

        public void enqueueTask​(T t)
                         throws InterruptedException
        Synchronized insert of a new task to the end of the FIFO queue.
        t - task
        InterruptedException - if InterruptedException occurs
      • closeInput

        public void closeInput()
        Synchronized (logical) insert of a NO_MORE_TASKS symbol at the end of the FIFO queue in order to mark that no more tasks will be inserted into the queue.