Class TaskPartitioner

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    TaskPartitionerFactoring, TaskPartitionerFixedsize

    public abstract class TaskPartitioner
    extends Object
    This is the base class for all task partitioner. For this purpose it stores relevant information such as the loop specification (FROM, TO, INCR), the index variable and the task size. Furthermore, it declares two prototypes: (1) full task creation, (2) streaming task creation. Known implementation classes: TaskPartitionerFixedsize, TaskPartitionerFactoring
    • Method Detail

      • createTasks

        public abstract List<Task> createTasks()
        Creates and returns set of all tasks for given problem at once.
        list of tasks
      • createTasks

        public abstract long createTasks​(LocalTaskQueue<Task> queue)
        Creates set of all tasks for given problem, but streams them directly into task queue. This allows for more tasks than fitting in main memory.
        queue - queue of takss
      • getNumIterations

        public long getNumIterations()