Class Builtin

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    Max, Min

    public class Builtin
    extends ValueFunction
    Class with pre-defined set of objects. This class can not be instantiated elsewhere. Notes on commons.math FastMath: * FastMath uses lookup tables and interpolation instead of native calls. * The memory overhead for those tables is roughly 48KB in total (acceptable) * Micro and application benchmarks showed significantly (30%-3x) performance improvements for most operations; without loss of accuracy. * atan / sqrt were 20% slower in FastMath and hence, we use Math there * round / abs were equivalent in FastMath and hence, we use Math there * Finally, there is just one argument against FastMath - The comparison heavily depends on the JVM. For example, currently the IBM JDK JIT compiles to HW instructions for sqrt which makes this operation very efficient; as soon as other operations like log/exp are similarly compiled, we should rerun the micro benchmarks, and switch back if necessary.
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