Class VariableCPInstruction

    • Method Detail

      • isRemoveVariable

        public boolean isRemoveVariable​(String varName)
        Checks if this instruction is a remove instruction for varName
        varName - variable name
        true if rmvar instruction including varName
      • isRemoveVariableNoFile

        public boolean isRemoveVariableNoFile()
      • isRemoveVariable

        public boolean isRemoveVariable()
      • isMoveVariable

        public boolean isMoveVariable()
      • isAssignVariable

        public boolean isAssignVariable()
      • isAssignOrCopyVariable

        public boolean isAssignOrCopyVariable()
      • isCreateVariable

        public boolean isCreateVariable()
      • getInput

        public CPOperand getInput​(int index)
      • addInput

        public void addInput​(CPOperand input)
      • getOutputVariableName

        public String getOutputVariableName()
      • processRmvarInstruction

        public static void processRmvarInstruction​(ExecutionContext ec,
                                                   String varname)
        Remove variable instruction externalized as a static function in order to allow various cleanup procedures to use the same codepath as the actual rmVar instruction
        ec - execution context
        varname - variable name
      • prepareRemoveInstruction

        public static Instruction prepareRemoveInstruction​(long... varName)
      • prepareRemoveInstruction

        public static Instruction prepareRemoveInstruction​(String... varNames)
      • prepCreatevarInstruction

        public static Instruction prepCreatevarInstruction​(String varName,
                                                           String fileName,
                                                           boolean fNameOverride,
                                                           String format)
      • updateInstructionThreadID

        public void updateInstructionThreadID​(String pattern,
                                              String replace)
        Description copied from class: Instruction
        All instructions that have thread-specific filenames or names encoded in it should overwrite this method in order to update (1) the in-memory instruction and (2) the instruction string
        updateInstructionThreadID in class Instruction
        pattern - ?
        replace - ?
      • getLineageItem

        public org.apache.commons.lang3.tuple.Pair<String,​LineageItem> getLineageItem​(ExecutionContext ec)
        Description copied from interface: LineageTraceable
        Obtain lineage trace of an instruction with a single output.
        Specified by:
        getLineageItem in interface LineageTraceable
        ec - execution context w/ live variables
        pair of (output variable name, output lineage item)
      • isVariableCastInstruction

        public boolean isVariableCastInstruction()
      • getUniqueFileName

        public static String getUniqueFileName​(String fname)