Class DataRange

  • public class DataRange
    extends Object
    A DataRange instance marks a part of a CacheableData data object. The beginDims marks the beginning for all dimensions and the endDims marks the end for all dimensions. DataRange is very similar to org.apache.sysds.runtime.util.IndexRange, except that DataRange supports more than two dimensions.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DataRange

        public DataRange​(long[] beginDims,
                         long[] endDims)
    • Method Detail

      • getBeginDims

        public long[] getBeginDims()
      • getEndDims

        public long[] getEndDims()
      • overlaps

        public boolean overlaps​(DataRange dataRange)
        Returns true if this data range overlaps with the given data range. An overlap means that the data ranges have some overlap in all dimension.
        dataRange - for which the overlap is checked
        true if the data ranges overlap or false if not
      • contains

        public boolean contains​(long[] index)
        Returns true if the given index is in the data range. Being in the data range means that the index has to be in the range for all dimensions.
        index - of an element for which it is checked if it is in the range
        true if the index is in the range and false otherwise