Interface FineGrainedPrivacy

    • Method Detail

      • put

        void put​(DataRange dataRange,
                 PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel privacyLevel)
        Set privacy level of the given data range.
        dataRange - representing the range for which the privacy is set
        privacyLevel - the level of privacy for the given data range
      • getPrivacyLevel

        Map<DataRange,​PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel> getPrivacyLevel​(DataRange searchRange)
        Get the data ranges and related privacy levels within given data search range.
        searchRange - the range from which all privacy levels are retrieved
        all mappings from range to privacy level within the given search range
      • getPrivacyLevelOfElement

        Map<DataRange,​PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel> getPrivacyLevelOfElement​(long[] searchIndex)
        Get the data ranges and related privacy levels of the element with the given index.
        searchIndex - index of element
        all mappings from range to privacy level for the given search element
      • getDataRangesOfPrivacyLevel

        DataRange[] getDataRangesOfPrivacyLevel​(PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel privacyLevel)
        Get all data ranges for the given privacy level.
        privacyLevel - for which data ranges are found
        all data ranges with the given privacy level
      • removeAllConstraints

        void removeAllConstraints()
        Remove all fine-grained privacy constraints.
      • hasConstraints

        boolean hasConstraints()
        True if any fine-grained constraints has been set.
        true if any fine-grained constraint is set
      • getAllConstraints

        Map<String,​long[][][]> getAllConstraints()
        Get all fine-grained constraints as a map from privacy level to an array of data ranges represented as two-dimensional long arrays.
        map from privacy level to array of data ranges