Xalan-C++ Command-Line Utilities

Initial setup

To perform a transformation, you can call Xalan-C++ from the command line (or script), or from within an application (see Usage Patterns).

To perform a transformation from the command line or a script, do the following:

  1. Download and build Xalan-C++, or install Xalan-C++ from a third-party distributor.
  2. Set the path and/or library path to include the Xalan executable and the Xalan-C++ and Xerces-C++ libraries, respectively.
  3. Call the Xalan executable with the appropriate flags and arguments (described below).

Using the Xalan executable

Call the Xalan executable as follows:

Xalan [options] xmlSource xslStylesheet

where xmlSource is the XML source document, xslStylesheet is the stylesheet to apply, and options are any (or none) of the following:

Option Description
-a Use stylesheet processing instruction, not the stylesheet argument.
-e encoding Force the specified encoding for the output.
-i integer Indent the specified amount.
-m Omit the META tag in HTML output.
-o filename Write transformation result to this file (rather than to the console).
-p name expr Set a stylesheet parameter with this expression.
-t name expr Display timing information.
-u name expr Disable escaping of URLs in HTML output.
-v Validate the XML source document.
- A dash as the xmlSource argument reads from stdin.
A dash as the xmlStylesheet argument reads from stdin.
(“-“ cannot be used for both arguments.)

To display a list of the options call the Xalan executable as follows:

Xalan -?