pip plugin

pip - stage python packages using pip

Host depndencies:

  • pip python module

This plugin will download source distributions for specified packages using pip but will not install them. It is expected that the elements using this source will install the downloaded packages.

Downloaded tarballs will be stored in a directory called “.bst_pip_downloads”.


# Specify the pip source kind
kind: pip

# Optionally specify index url, defaults to PyPi
# This url is used to discover new versions of packages and download them
# Projects intending to mirror their sources to a permanent location should
# use an aliased url, and declare the alias in the project configuration
url: https://mypypi.example.com/simple

# Optionally specify the path to requirements files
# Note that either 'requirements-files' or 'packages' must be defined
- requirements.txt

# Optionally specify a list of additional packages
# Note that either 'requirements-files' or 'packages' must be defined
- flake8

# Specify the ref. It is a list of strings of format
# "<package-name>==<version>", separated by "\n".
# Usually this will be contents of a requirements.txt file where all
# package versions have been frozen.
ref: "flake8==3.5.0\nmccabe==0.6.1\npkg-resources==0.0.0\npycodestyle==2.3.1\npyflakes==1.6.0"

See built-in functionality doumentation for details on common configuration options for sources.