Create an Application

Building your first Apache Royale application

The easiest way to create an Apache Royale application is to start with an existing one and modify it. In the examples folder are several examples you can use as a starting point. But if you want to know more about the underlying principles, read on.

This document is divided into several sections:

Application Structure explains the important files that typically comprise an application and what they do.

Application Tutorial is a step-by-step example of building an application.

Migrate an Existing App provides strategies and techniques when migrating existing Flex apps to Royale, and how to switch to Royale if you already have a Javascript application.

Security provides more information about making sure hackers can’t use your app to be malicous and about dealing with common security restrictions when your app wants to access external resources.

Modules discusses how to break your application into pieces so it doesn’t have to all get downloaded at once. Or have the whole thing compiled at once.

Optimizations explains some of the compiler settings and in-code doc comment directives that can be used to tune the output of javascript that Royale generates.