Frameworks and Libraries

Pre-written sets of code which allows for easier development of Royale-based applications.

Frameworks provide reliable templates to help you develop complex projects more easily and sustainably. Libraries are generally collections of modules and functions that focus on a particular task or theme–you might find a library to help you with scientific calculations, and another library for manipulating graphics.


Apache Royale itself is a framework. It can play well with other frameworks to help simplify development, especially when many people are working on the same project.

Designed for Apache Royale:

  • Crux is a library based on Swiz. Swiz is a framework that simplifies applications and gives you Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection, Event handling, new Metadatas, simplified life cycle for asynchronous remote method invocations and many more. Swiz was developed specifically for ActionScript and Flex.

Third party frameworks

  • PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern. Is part of The PureMVC Framework that implements the same library in many other popular languages and technologies.


Are you new to Royale libraries? Read what they are and how to use them.

  • There are a large number of ActionScript3 libraries that should “just work” when you import them into your Royale application. Others may need adjustment if they presume that your application will run on Flash, not in a modern browser.
  • Use the ExternalInterface class to connect with and use external JavaScript libraries in your Royale project.
  • An even more robust method for connecting with and using external JavaScript libraries is externs.
  • Use Adobe’s Spectrum with Royale. Spectrum supports large application ecosystems.
  • You can use Material Design Lite (MDL) with Royale. MDL is a library/CSS structure that follows the Material Design principles that Google developed.

See a working example of Using external JavaScript libraries in Apache Royale.