Testing with Apache Royale

Methods for testing Apache Royale projects

Every developer is building something from nothing, or adapting something that may already work into a new use, on a new platform, for a new audience. At every stage of the development process, there are more unknowns than knowns.

  • You may think you have written the code clearly and correctly, but when you compile it, it runs mysteriously slowly, or fails to run at all.
  • You proudly present the current state of the application to your stakeholders, and they shake their heads and say, “But that’s not at all what we asked you to build.”
  • Something that was working last week, or in the most recent build, is not working at all today.
  • Users are doing things with the app that you didn’t expect them to do, like putting lines of code in a text entry field, and things are blowing up everywhere.

The main defense you have against buggy code and a failed development project is testing. Test early, test often…consider trying out Test Driven Development.

Over time we will add pointers to general testing guides, and tips and tricks more specific to Apache Royale. Keep checking back, or consider contributing your own insights.

Unit tests

Apache Royale includes the RoyaleUnit library for unit testing.