Welcome to Apache Royale!

Designed for the future. Code Once. Run Everywhere.

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Apache Royale is the new SDK, built on the solid foundation developed by the Flex universe, that lets you create applications in MXML and ActionScript that will run almost anywhere without heavy plugins like Flash or Adobe AIR.

With Royale, you can create a single code base that can be compiled to work like a native app on Windows or Apple systems, on Android phones, on tablets of all systems and sizes, in browsers, or on embedded JavaScript environments like Chromium Embedded Framework.

This is the main documentation for Apache Royale. If you are looking for the API Reference, click here.

The documentation ranges from an intro and a high-level view that gives an overview of Royale, through a review of Royale’s features and concepts to help you be more productive.

Use the table of contents to learn how to lay out your application’s user interface, how to work with data, and how to unit-test your application.

The Tutorials section steps you through projects ranging from a simple “Hello World” to a dynamic application displaying data that updates in real time.

Volunteer contributions of work and wisdom help move Royale forward. Get Involved explains how you can contribute to the future of Royale.

(*)Note: This material is far from complete. However, the Royale team updates and extends it regularly.