Component Sets

Sets of components and containers designed in Apache Royale.

Royale provides its own component sets that support developing simple, small and fast applications for prototyping and as the basis of complete application user interfaces:

  • Basic is the smallest, fastest and most PAYG set of components possible in Royale, and is used by other sets like Jewel as its base.

  • Jewel is focused in look and feel and new practices present in modern development like responsivness and multiplatform support. Jewel supports Themes and works well on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

  • MXRoyale contains emulations of Flex’s UIComponent and other MX components.

  • SparkRoyale contains emulations of Flex Spark components.

Incomplete component sets

Participants in the Royale project have started several component sets, such as Express, MDL, and HTML5, but have not built more than one or two components as proofs-of-concept.

External component sets

Besides the component sets included in Royale, you can use just about any CSS Framework as the basis for your components. One example is Spectrum-Royale which uses Adobe’s Spectrum System.